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Usmania Fine Dining in Chicago is a haven for Pakistani-Indian cuisine enthusiasts. Loved by locals and expats alike, it’s more than a restaurant—it’s an experience. Offering a diverse menu from desi dishes to continental delights and fast bites to barbecue, it’s a top spot for quality Halal food in the city.

Problem Statement

Usmania restaurant, despite its well-established brand name, encountered a troubling trend with a monthly decline in sales by 15-20%. This decline significantly impacted their revenue and pointed toward underlying issues that needed immediate attention. Here are the identified reasons for that:

Weak Branding and Poor Online Presence

The restaurant suffered from weak branding strategies, leading to a lack of brand visibility and recognition. This, coupled with a boring web design, meant their online presence failed to engage and attract customers effectively. Their existing website, devoid of POS integration, became a hindrance to revenue generation.

Inactive Social Media Engagement

A non-existent social media presence worsens their recognition. The absence of interaction on these platforms hindered their ability to connect with their audience, build brand recognition, and foster trust among potential customers.

Need for Comprehensive Brand Reshaping

To combat these challenges, Usmania required a complete overhaul. Bridging the gap between their online and offline branding, reshaping their brand identity, and revitalizing both in-store and off-store marketing strategies were essential to reverse the downward sales trend.

Our Approach

How We Helped Them

At Admark Digital, we specialize in igniting business turnarounds. Our collaboration with Family Urgent Care showcases our commitment to promoting brands into the spotlight in highly competitive markets.
We didn’t just assist Family Urgent Care; we transformed their digital landscape and revitalized their brand. Empowering businesses to radiate brilliance in their respective industries. We redesigned their website to captivate, deployed powerful digital marketing strategies, overhauled their brand identity, created impactful print materials, and delivered content that captivates audiences.

1. Transforming Branding Strategies

Our expert team crafted a branding overhaul to elevate Usmania’s visibility. Implementing a dynamic marketing truck, we took their presence to the streets, captivating attention and stirring curiosity. Appealing menu cards and meticulously designed brochures spotlighting irresistible deals amplified Usmania’s appeal, while strategic newspaper marketing campaigns ensured their message reached a wider audience.

2. Redesigning The Website

A website is like a menu served online. Usmania had amazing food, but their old website was like a blurry picture of their delicious meals. To match today’s on-the-move lifestyle, our skilled team designed a new website that’s easy to use on phones. Now, hungry visitors can easily check Usmania’s menu, see mouth watering food pics, order online, find contact details, book catering, and grab sweet deals—all with a few taps. This user-friendly website isn’t just a digital showcase of Usmania’s flavors; it’s a virtual dining table inviting and satisfying customers, turning online visitors into satisfied diners.

3. Increasing Usmania’s Digital Reach Through Social Media

Usmania’s journey with Admark Digital unlocked a new era of social engagement. By leveraging social media platforms, Usmania expanded beyond being just a restaurant. It aspires to evolve into a sought-after social hub, offering a delightful environment for Chicago’s dynamic and youthful crowd. Through our tailored social media strategy, Usmania’s voice reached beyond its physical boundaries, resonating with the vibrant Indian and Pakistani communities. Usmania isn’t just about exceptional dining; it’s a vibrant social hub where diverse cultures meet, creating an inviting space for delightful moments and cultural connections.

4. Visuals Make The Game Stronger!

We teamed up with Usmania Fine Dining to cook up mesmerizing video ads. Our knack for storytelling brought their brand alive! Visuals rule the marketing world, so we whipped up stunning videos showcasing Usmania’s tasty dishes and brand vibe. Not just that, we served up a slick TV commercial to charm a special crowd, spreading the word about Usmania’s distinct flavors and story.

The Outcomes

Because of our skilled and expert team, Usmania Fine Dining witnessed a tremendous surge in visibility. Their transformation was remarkable – more customers streamed, and their reputation soared within Indian and Pakistani communities.
The power of social media became their secret ingredient. Through strategic marketing, Usmania’s online presence blossomed. They evolved from just being a restaurant to a bustling hotspot. Our engaging content on social platforms turned Usmania into more than just a dining spot; it became a trendy gathering place for Chicago’s vibrant crowd.
The impact of those captivating videos was nothing short of magical. They beautifully displayed Usmania’s flavorful dishes and unique story, magnetizing more customers eager to savor their culinary delights. These videos weren’t just commercials; they were an open invitation for everyone to experience the heart and soul of Usmania Fine Dining. culinary delights. These videos weren’t just commercials; they were an open invitation for everyone to experience the heart and soul of Usmania Fine Dining.