RimTyme is a leading provider of custom wheels, offering drivers the perfect selection to personalize their ride. Whether you’re a truck enthusiast seeking rugged off-road wheels or a driver looking for a touch of chrome class, RimTyme has something for everyone. Their team of wheel experts brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring you find the ideal fit and turn your vision into reality. RimTyme boasts a wide network of 38 stores across 13 states, making it easy to find the expertise and selection you need close by.

From Stalled Sales to Strategic Shift

Problem Statement

Facing challenges like decreasing sales, poor social media presence, and a higher cost per lead, RimTyme needed a solution. Admark Digital stepped in to revamp their social media management and boost their sales.

RimTyme relied on Google Ads, but their strategy wasn't generating qualified leads within budget. This resulted in declining sales and a high cost per lead, highlighting the need for a more efficient approach. Additionally, RimTyme's lack of social media management meant they were missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with customers and build brand awareness.

Missed opportunities

Lack of social media management as a missed opportunity for brand awareness and customer engagement.

Our Approach

How We Helped Them

Facing challenges like decreasing sales, poor social media presence, and a higher cost per lead, Rimtyme needed a solution. Admark Digital stepped in to revamp their social media management and boost their sales.
By crafting engaging content, managing platforms efficiently, targeting the right audience, and optimizing strategies, we aimed to boost their online presence, attract customers cost-effectively, decrease cost per lead, and ultimately address the issues hindering Rimtyme’s success.
To make the most of their advertising budget, we undertook a comprehensive restructuring of their Google Ads account, emphasizing strategies such as:

1. Optimized Analytics Setup

AdMark Digital upgraded Rimtyme’s analytics by implementing a robust tracking system for calls, form fills, and website purchases across all traffic sources. This improvement ensures comprehensive data capture, allowing for a deeper understanding of user interactions and better insights into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

2. Strategic Spending Reallocation

AdMark Digital optimized Rimtyme’s advertising budget by redirecting funds from branded and competitor searches to high-intent terms such as “wheel shop near me” and “custom rims in Lombard, IL.” This strategic shift aimed to capture more qualified leads actively seeking their services, maximizing the impact of their digital marketing investment.

3. Exclusive Deals On Wheels And Tires

AdMark Digital introduced a compelling offer for Rimtyme’s wheel and tire sales, boosting the brand’s visibility in the local market. This attractive promotion aimed to capture attention, drive customer interest, and ultimately increase sales by providing added value to potential customers in search of quality wheels and tires.

4. Continuous Performance Enhancement

AdMark Digital ensures ongoing account management for RimTyme, continually optimizing performance based on emerging data. By staying responsive to real-time insights, we adapt strategies to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring RimTyme’s digital presence remains dynamic and aligned with evolving market trends and customer behavior.

5. Geo-Targeted Advertising Expertise

AdMark Digital implemented focused geographic targeting for RimTyme, concentrating on the immediate vicinity of the shop. This strategic approach ensures that the advertising budget is invested wisely, maximizing visibility and engagement with the local audience actively seeking RimTyme’s products and services.

6. Social Media Management

  • Established and optimized social media profiles across relevant platforms.
  • Developed a content calendar with engaging posts to connect with the target audience.
  • Implemented social media listening tools to track brand mentions and customer sentiment.
  • Increased brand awareness and customer engagement through targeted social media campaigns.

The Outcome

AdMark Digital spearheaded a highly successful digital advertising strategy for Rimtyme, exclusively relying on Google Ads. This initiative resulted in an impressive monthly yield of over 100 phone calls and inquiries.
Significantly, a strategic reallocation of around 60% of previously inefficient ad spend towards high-intent keywords delivered remarkable outcomes. This adjustment not only slashed the cost per acquisition (CPA) by more than 21% but also ushered in a remarkable increase of over 26% in the conversion rate.
The meticulous optimization of their advertising budget generated a substantial volume of high-quality leads, contributing to Rimtyme’s flourishing business. With full bookings and thriving operations, Rimtyme is now contemplating expansion opportunities, exploring the establishment of additional locations.

The success story underscores AdMark Digital's efficacy in driving tangible and impactful outcomes, showcasing Our ability to propel lead generation, cost-effectiveness, and overall business expansion for Rimtyme.