In the light of evolving digital and content marketing landscape, authors and publishers of all size have taken a tip from Hollywood movies and began creating book trailers to promote their books. Some years back the trailers were no more than jazzy powerpoint slides, but the quality has drastically been improvised and authors have realized that video trailers help them reach out to a new audience and present their books in a more captivating manner.

Here’s why you should consider getting your books on screen through a video:

  • Video search is increasing and you want to interact with your readers in unique ways
  • Videos are great to build an instant connection with your audience
  • Video helps in your presence on video-driven social channels thus driving traffic to your website

Selecting Approach

1- Hybrid

The hybrid approach assumes that your readers are most enthusiastic about meeting the book author as well, they want to know who is behind the curtain doing all the work and who she is like. So in hybrid trailers, we spotlight the storyteller as well as the story. The trailer video will systematically discuss book synopsis and authors take on different events in the book and character reviews. This approach is best suited when you want to initiate a conversation with the audience, want to explain the storyline and the background about the story that inspired you.

2- Clever, low-tech DIY Trailer

Many authors who want to do good get intimated by the technology/software as well as work they will have to put in to make a decent video. Your audience may compromise on the quality of the trailers but you cannot miss making a mark with the content and story in there. Remember that you want your book trailers to be super-simple and beautiful than lavish and cheesy, people are more affectionate to give time to books which are simple instead of something lavish and extravagant.

Max Bary, authors of sci-fi thriller Machine Man took a smart approach by using the theme of his book to build the story in the trailer. Because his book is about a man who amputates his own limbs and replaces them with homemade parts, Barry has only one real choice. Although he is executing through a low budget but it’s memorable and effective and sparks interests.

Authors and marketers both can utilize video trailers to seek out to new readers and discuss the story line in a more compelling format. Have some questions, leave a comment and I’d love to help you on this.