As a graphic designer, we tend to find the elements inspiration no matter where we looks at. it can be in books and magazines, galleries and exhibitions—and, of course, on the internet.

In 21st century we have a lot of graphic design, logo design, and typography blogs, guides, resources, and tutorials blogs at our disposal due to the internet. So we have put down some of the best blogs from where you can put a spark in your inspiration and creativity.

1. One Xtra Pixel
One xtra pixel offers so many variety of options to learn and take inspiration from. It offers resources, tutorials, and freebies for a variety of subjects. Not only that it also OneExtraPixel also covers tutorials on WordPress, Photography and Illustrations as well. Its like online school.

2. You The Designer
Founded in 2007, You The Designer also tries to break the laws of Graphic Designing trend. Like many other blogs You The Designer offers free design tools and templates, but they also do web design contests and giveaways to inspire and showcase new talent.

3. The Next Web
The Next Web is not just a blog, they cover much more than design but they do have a specific channel for Design and Development where you can easily go through their latest blogs. If you cant get enough of their Design and Dev, hook up yourself with the latest news which they post regularly.

4. Creative Overflow
Founded in 2009 with a goal they still follow today, It’s sole purpose is inspiring artists to better themselves through inspiration and creative resources.

5. Smashing Magazine
This is one of my personal favorites. Founded in 2006 by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz, Smashing Magazine is a must follow blog. Their team cover a variety of fields which are coding, design, mobile, graphics, ux design, and wordpress. They also create a large number of books, ebooks, and workshops.

6. Awwwards
This is the first site I look up to whenever there is a project related to website development, Awwwards was created as platform where designers show off their work to compete against each other while the judges are good designers around the globe. it also holds a great directory of agencies and designers.

7. David Airey
David Airey runs numbers of great design related blogs, including his personal design blog on, Logo Design Love and Identity Design. His is also an author of two successful books Logo Design Love (the book) and Work For Money, Design For Love.

8. Designrfix
Designerfix is a blog dedicated to graphic and web design. They posts excellent resources for new and veteran designers. Designrfix often features an artist of the day, their main idea of blogging is to “evolve art through the thoughtful exchange of technique and inspiration.”

9. Paul Boag
Paul Boag is an absolute beast when it comes down to blogging about design. Web based, design based, marketing based, business based, you name it, he’s probably wrote about it. He has an incredible knowledge and its all for you to read on his blog “boagworld”

10. James Victore
And how could i forget to add James Victore, there are two reasons why i love this guy. one, he’s got a mustache and two, he is not a bloggers, it’s more like a vBlogging, If you’ve got some spare time and are looking to watch some videos about graphic design and the design trade, head over to James Victore’s YouTube channel and check it out but be warned, James Victore’s videos will hook you up.