We say that content marketing is a new thing, but in fact, content marketing has been around for over 100 years, dating back to farmers and food magazines that carried info for their readers. The only new thing that has been added is the new social sharing platforms that help carry this info conveniently to billions of people, which was not nearly possible in the past.

There are two types of Audience

Businesses need to know that your website has two kinds of audience, one are human beings that read the content and the other search engine bots that crawl the web pages. Both audiences are critical about the quality of content from their own point of view.

Humans might judge your website according to their needs such as content quality, ease of access or design whereas the bots see things from more technical view such as website structure, backlinks and keywords.

The success largely depends on how we are able to impress and influence both.

Two Questions to Answer

So, you have realized the importance of content marketing and moved up the ladder to plan your own content marketing strategy. Great, let’s discuss the two crucial questions you should answer before moving forward.

I- Content Marketing Goals

CM can be utilized for the various number of business goals. Your goal should be defined as early as possible, may be sometime you will need to consult a content marketing strategist before closing in on this.

The goals could vary and largely depends on your short term objectives and vision you carry for your business. Your goals could be to create sizzling content for marketing campaigns, leads conversion, content to increase customers loyalty, upselling and content production to increased subscribers.

II- Useful Content also make your website Algorithms proof to some extent

If your website is regularly updated with new content that people love to read and share, then in the future this valuable content could also make your website less susceptible to Google algorithms changes.

It’s of utter importance that small business realize the importance of each content type and relevant platforms for every content.

For some content list based articles are more successful than blog posts, some content pieces are better converted into slideshare presentation. All the content type should be scrutinized before embarking on content creation journey.

Questions to ask before creating content marketing strategy

Indeed, content marketers have to go through finding answering to some important questions to produce focused content.

I- What you and your business truly believe in

Remember that producing generic content will produce little results. Industries in general and businesses in specific are getting more focused and specialized. So, it’s better to list down things that matter to you and your customers and produce content that exhilarate your customers.

II- Identify your competitors and cooperators

In every business segment, there are competitors and cooperators. It’s important that you identify both of them and make the best use of cooperation to amplify the reach of your existing marketing.

Hope this post will help small businesses get started on their journey.