Project Description

Orochem is globally recognized as an organization that conceives, develops, and installs some of the most technologically viable solutions for “highest purities” for industrial or “metric ton” scale purification for API’s, nutritional supplements, fatty acids, and specialty sugars.

AdMark ensured Orochem that despite being a technical product company we will provide a design that Orochem website visitors will not only achieve their business goals but it will be a great experience for the website visitors.

Optimal user experience was a major focus for us, so we created a very clean, conversion-oriented design that leveraged product photography and complete product details with customize branded search feature “Oinstein” for an impactful product experience.


Surfacing relevant product information

Orochem highlighted the need to make the user experience easy yet impactful.

Considering their need we provided access to products from main header as well as left sidebar. Since their products are technical in nature and contains different technologies we provided the customer search filter “Oinstein” on their product page to leverage the user experience and making sure that users are able to filter the product by exact size and technology



  • User friendly mobile optimized website
  • Equipped with search function and a filter function to help visitors find whatever they want in a second
  • Fully optimized for conversions with call-to-action buttons and fast checkout process
  • Visitors can seek support anytime through the chat system