Project Description

The meadows club is an award-winning club with lavishly styled banquet rooms furnished and equipped with state-of-the-art sound, audio-video and lighting technology. The club strives to go beyond the expectations of their customers, their motto truly reflects it, transcendent experiences never leave you, and that is what The Meadows Club team attempts to bring at each and every event, the same feeling and experience, so it’s like déjà vu every time. The problem was, even though they were hosting marvelous events and creating magical moments, they were more like hushed events as not many people knew about them. To meet with their insatiable desire for perfection, AdMark Solution’ creative and marketing departments pulled their socks up and got down to it. After brainstorming session with the club’s management we decided to make them social in the digital arena, so we created on-site video & photography and plugged it into a calculated social media strategy, we created a digital environment where the event never ends. The Meadows Club is now more than just an event hall, it is a place where moments become memories.

Social Media