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Our social media services are focused on increasing your brand awareness and building relationships that will serve your business goals. We don’t treat social media as an afterthought, our experts put our full attention to helping make your business a good online social entity. For firms that do not want to be surprised years from now by lost market share that resulted because they failed to invest early enough in social media, we provide a comprehensive set of services around social media marketing strategy.

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More Than Pretty Websites and Banner Ads

These services are also highly relevant for organizations that are looking for a fresh set of eyes to see if there are opportunities to elevate their content marketing game. As digital and social media gurus, we make sure that years from now you are not a victim of lost market share that resulted because you failed to invest early in social. Our strategies are highly relevant for organizations and businesses that want to aggressively pursue their social growth goals.

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Social Media Strategy Consulting

Based on our research and industry due diligence, we move on to develop a comprehensive social media program based on your specific market challenges. We make sure that your social media strategy goals are well aligned with your business vision, business objectives, and customer needs. Our approach is strategic in nature, which means it integrates with all the departments of your business and seeks to project the social culture of your organization.

What’s Included:

Helping You Through Meaningful Insights

Social media audit is at the core of our program. Our experts reviews your media assets and activities to determine how well they are aligned with your business goals. We utilize our industry experience to determine your social media program against the industry best practices and competitors. This gap analysis assists in prioritizing the activities which can reap best results and provide a social road map.

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Social Tactical Plan

Our Social Tactical plan outlines the go-to activities to support the Social Media Strategy. Our tactical strategy approaches the details including channels, platforms, timeline, messaging, budget, resource allocation and a timeline of how all activities will be scaled for continual growth. For example, the plan may recommend a Facebook sponsored posts campaign for three months that will be continued only if certain growth objectives are achieved. We use a smart methodology which guides us to invest more in things that are producing best results while filtering out the tactics that are producing below average results.

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