Marketing is not a substitute of good product but i have seen that startups who are successful do not miss any relevant channel of marketing whether it is offline or online channels such as blogging, paid ads, digital media campaigns or using social media to create hype. That proves that good product is cornerstone of your startup success but at the same time you can’t ignore any aspects of marketing and user interaction as well. Creating tools of self expression is as important as the idea and the product.

Lets discuss some point which startups founders must bear in mind about marketing.

Modern marketing is not making ads

Startup founders with a non-marketing background normally believes that marketing is all about making advertisements and spending heavy chunks of their investment budget on putting the words on the streets. Startups founder has to figure out and test whether your idea is going to fulfill user needs or not. Marketing research plays a crucial role here, helping startups measure the basic idea/product worth in the form of testing and in depth Q&A sessions with target audience.



That is the reason why most of the marketers in startups are called “growth hackers”,although i don’t agree with the job title but this is what it is “hacking into the minds of potential customers from the foundational stage to operational phase”. So if you are founder and thinks that marketing isn’t your favourite donut than it is not going to be a stable road ahead for your journey,we suggest you to take assistance of any good marketing firm that comes into your budget.

Built it and they will use attitude is no more alive

Most tech startups founders overestimate their idea value and build a product without even testing on sample users let alone do some market research. Facebook,Quora,LinkedIn or take example of any successful startups,they have invested quite a lot on their users,their interests and viability of the idea. Successful venture always focus on “if the customer want to use it,they will build it then”. Hence marketing and specifically marketing research has taken a special place in the book of entrepreneurship and startups.

Dawn of 21st Century Marketing

Internet is one of the mediums of last century that hasn’t made advertisers much happy. Advertisers used to charge thousands on every time the ad is on T.V,not now,thanks to internet. Modern marketing is more about creating trust through solving user problems which result in natural trust you create among your customers.

The new era market is more informational,you did some good market research,you made a great product now its time to let the word out that how it is going to be beneficial for your customers,how it is better product than your competitors and why they switch from competitors to your product?

Marketing guru’s also suggest that marketing is and will remain essence of entrepreneurship. Both marketers and entrepreneurs are constantly finding answers for need fulfillment of their customers in best possible way. Whether you as an startup founder represent your company in local events and share your idea with fellow entrepreneurs or you starts a direct mail campaign to let the word our. Sooner or later startups have to think about their marketing,we suggest the sooner the better.

Seth Godin in his recent interview said “The big mistake marketers make is thinking that their job is to spend money to get attention. If they think that that is what their job is, they will never ever succeed in marketing.”

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