Good communication skills are vital in order to get most out of your designer and to achieve best results. If you want a brilliant end product, one-line briefs won’t do. Simply tell your designer the details of your idea in precise and concise way.To make things easier, we have laid down following points for better understanding.

I. Be Crystal Clear
If you don’t tell designers what you are aiming for, you will not get it. It’s a very simple concept. Most of the people give rough outlines, foggy details which turns up with a displeasing design.

  • First clear yourself about what you want, find yourself an example.
  • If going for something unique, share as much details as you can about your business, product or what kind of audience it’s going to be. The more you share the more precise and beautiful design you get.
  • Think about what your customers would like to see, what is going to be its concept, messages, details, colors, design category?

II. Give your feedback
You need a recipe before you can cook your delicious meal. Stay up-to-date with your designers progress.

  • Give Constant feedback if you want what you are thinking about.
  • Use collaborative tools like Asana, Evernote, Skype or anything else.
  • If a designer comes up with something different, analyze it and let them know how it is different from your idea.

III. Try to visualize
Even a painter thinks about how he’s going to finish his artwork but designers are different kind of artists. they need to understand the what the project is all about, it’s your major role to find the idea of how things are going to look like.

  • Create a mood board, a mood board is collection of materials which is needed for the initialization of the project. it contains stuff like images, texts, color choices, layouts, inspirations etc.
  • If you have basic layout in mind i.e. where the text is going to be placed or what kind of images are going to be used, tell this to your designer, be specific about what you are hiring him for.

IV. Tell your designer about your likes and dislikes
Designer does not have telekinesis powers, he/she wont know what are your dislikes or what are the “don’ts” of the project.

  • Describe and explain your designer about what to avoid while designing your idea
  • If possible, prepare some sort of document with details of don’ts along with the images and examples.

V. Advance Communication
To achieve the perfection in your design you will also need to familiarize yourself with technical aspects of designing.

  • Tell the designer in which color mode he/she should work i.e. CMYK, Pantone or RGB.
  • Explain the details of design in technical aspects i.e. size, resolution/pixels, format, fonts, and so on.
  • Always tell your designer about what your product or design application is. This helps the designer to understand what kind of tools and approach methodologies he/she will use.

VI. Ask for Assistance
If you are unable to describe your project or finalize what you want, take help from your designer. They have been in the field and will gladly help you for better understanding of the project.

Whether you are a entrepreneur, business man or graphic designer, these tips can help you keep the both sides run parallel and happy.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

– Henry Ford.