The holy month of Ramadan holds significant value to Muslims around the world. Falling in the ninth month of Islamic calendar. Ramadan changes the landscapes of marketing activities and campaigns among marketers. Although proper planning could provide marketers with significant opportunities to present their product/services to Muslims consumers.

The month of Ramadan represents solidarity, togetherness and increased spiritual devotion among Muslims. With increased Muslim multicultural marketing societies, we believe, brands have to take into consideration multitude of factors to launch a successful campaign. Although the suggestion charted below are very easy to follow for all marketplaces.

In order to successfully communicating the zeal of Ramadan,marketer need to understand the aspiration why Muslims fast and the human foibles associated with fasting all day long.

Marketers should also know that its not all about food for Muslims in Ramadan. Ramadan is also associated with charity, helping poor people who are unable to find food all day long and fasting is one to get that emotional association with those people.

What Opportunities does Ramadan Offers to Marketers

Ramadan does offer marketers multitude of opportunities to leverage their brand value both on television and social media as well.

Why is it that advertisers budget increases drastically in Ramadan as compared to other months. The reason being that Muslim consumers spends more time with their families in Ramadan. Normally, after breaking fast families spend time together watching television and the prime time last much longer as people get home from offices earlier than usual and stay up late.

Marketing messages of all the campaigns are focused around two things:food and charity.

Advertisers are focused on creating messages to encourage consumers to think about food. Though mere advertisement with food in it will not make it very successful, that is why they give more cultural touch in ads, messages of togetherness, benevolence and charity are the theme around which successful ads are made. It has been generally found that people are more likely to favor those ads that presents the true feelings of Ramadan rather than aggressive marketing campaigns solely based around cut price competition.

Companies can generate goodwill by following simple messages of charity,love and respect and dedicated messages to their Muslims customers. Using symbols such as crescent moon can help them simply put forward the messages as its have strong association with Muslims and the month of Ramadan.

Keep it simple

Marketers have also the option of launching campaigns to educate the masses on a particular issues that help them educate. Collaborative campaigns with local philanthropists also help brands enhance their reputation, this type of initiatives helps the community realize that apart from profits the brand is seriously working on goodwill.

Some Don”ts

Don”t advertise on sensitive issues such a alcohol and sex. As discussed above keep best online casino it simple and avoid the unnecessary use of music and replace it with more simple music.

Try to use local language to wish and greet the month of Ramadan. People in multicultural societies believe that all the Muslims understand Arabic. In fact, less than 40percent of Muslim belongs to Arabian countries. Try to use local language based on your target market or simply use English in marketing campaigns.

Before working on your campaigns keep the following tips in mind;

Conduct some research about local Muslim population their interest,language and cultural association to better target your message.

Send wishes to local community leader and plan special Ramadan event for local community.

Acknowledge the specially holidays of Eid and give some discount in time for your Muslims employees.

Seek help of multicultural marketing expert who understand the diversity and the local cultures well.

Messages to use in your campaigns;

Ramadan Kareem: Which means Ramadan is generous is one of the most commonly used wish in middle eastern and western countries.

Ramadan Mubarak: Ramadan Mubarak mean blessed month of Ramadan. It is mostly used among South Asian Muslims specially Pakistan,India and Bangladesh.

Happy Ramadan: Normally used by non Muslims to greet month of Ramadan to Muslim fellow. It is least recommended to be used in marketing campaigns due to its generic meaning and no cultural symbolism.

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