“Mobilegeddon is not coming, it has already come.”

In a 2013 survey conducted by National Small Business Association it has been found that 4 out of 5 small businesses do not have mobile optimized website. This is a big number that could run havoc on all the small business who expects a portion of their sales through Google searches. Not to forget that once the new upgrade by Google is implemented they will lose a big chunk of their web traffic despite how good their SEO and keywords strategy is.

Google has released changes to its search algorithm on 21st of April 2015. Good news for all the mobile friendly websites as they will get boost on Google search engine ranking and bad news for the other non-optimized website as they will be punished with low ranking. We know it’s not pleasant news for small businesses who are already struggling keeping their website on top pages on Google.

Although it’s not a surprise as Google already has been warning non optimized website from some time but industry specialist are considering this update as the last and final warning from Google.

Small businesses don’t have to recreate their website. Major or minor twitches can help you get your website in Google’s good books. Google’s mobile friendly test can help you report whether your website is mobile friendly or not and how it could be improved. What else you need, check Google mobile friendly test

Your website will pass the mobile friendly test only if its meets the following conditions;

  • Avoid technologies that mobile don’t supports such as flash
  • Only use text that is comfortable to read without zooming
  • Optimize your content with respect to screen size so that reader don’t have to zoom different pages to read
  • Your Call to Action button should be big enough and easily clickable
  • Put links at fair distance from each other so that it could easily be tapped

We believe that it’s the best time for you to optimize your website and take the lead among your competitors. We have a team that can help you optimize the website in a best way possible through a team of dedicated mobile website, SEO and content specialist.

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