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In the previous blog post we discussed basic steps that business owners should consider before embarking on website development journey, let’s move on with some issues that small business owner find hard to deal with. In this piece we will shed some light on how business owners can measure ROI of their website and capture or improve leads conversion through analytics.

One of the best tool to keep your website performance on track is Google Analytics. Various small to enterprise level businesses are using this tool to better optimize their website for their customers (Marketing Land).

1- Analytics tell you how people get to your website

Small business owners do realize the importance of dedicating more time in analysing the data but due to shortage of expertise and lack of time businesses lose track to measure. More and more small and big companies are beginning to utilize Due to thrive and gain reach into new markets. Analytics not only helps us in identifying the major sources of our web traffic(Google,blogarticles,paid ads) but it also contains valuable demographics information that tells us age,gender and interest of the visitors.

Your website is made up of different pages such as home pages,services,pricing and contact us, Google analytics helps you track these traffic sources and tells you which pages are getting the most traffic. Based on the data you can analyse whether your most important pages are getting the most traffic or not. This information definitely helps you better presenting your value proposition.


“126% Profit improvement over competitors by companies that make extensive use of customer analytics” Source: McKinsey


2- Analytics can help you improve your website performance

When i was first started using Google analytics i was big fan of its first page,the page that tells us whether our web traffic is going up or down than previous day. But analytics is much more than that and provide us with critcal information about the performance of website and the data present.

  • Audience Location: This analytics option reveal the geographic reach of the content on your website. Using audience location insights small businesses can evaluate their current content and better target to new and existing customers.

  • Demographic analytics
  • Geo analytics (Language,Location)
  • Interests (Affinity,In-Market Segments)
  • Technology (Browser,OS)
  • Engagement Analytics: Using this tool can help us determine the visitor’s duration on your website,number of pages viewed by visitors and number of pages accessed on website.
  • Behavior of Mobile Traffic: Mobile traffic has surpassed PC in the year 2014. Small businesses can utilize the power of analytics and data to keep their website better optimized,updated and mobile friendly to capture the huge segment that access from mobile devices.




  • Sources of Website Traffic: Sources helps analytics experts and marketers in determining the means through which target market is accessing their website. If they successfully determine and evaluate the sources of website traffic,they are better able to manage and measure their strengths and improve their marketing efforts.

Although,the metrics discussed above is just tip of an iceberg of strengths that analytics provides small business but it is some of key techniques to get started and keep it simple.

Small business can’t claim ignorance from analytics

Small business teams are already pushed to limits and finding some extra hours is very hard. Still importance of analytics cannot be ignored as it helps SMB define their future and uncover wealth of information available about the potential market.

SMB Group in their recent study on small and medium “route to market study” found that “getting most insights about their market and competition from existing data and its interpretation is one of the major challenge.”

In another study it has been found that 93% of eCommerce store uses analytics as major customer retention strategy.




Where to start?

If you are a SMB looking to improve your performance through analytics then 7design could help you take care of analytics so that you can dedicate time on running your business and doing things that you are expert in.

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