First time entrepreneurs are commonly found asking about the fate of their startup in already crowded and competitive market. There is no right or wrong answer to it but there are plenty of factors you have to consider and evaluate before jumping to any conclusion.

I would like to state an example before getting into details.

There are hundreds and thousands of restaurants in a city. If you had asked the same question a decade ago then may be people have stopped perfecting the art of cooking long time ago. But there are still entrepreneurs cooks and foodies always working to bring in great dine out experience for us. Entrepreneurs should master the art of execution.

I will now suggest you two simple ways through which you can not only survive in your existing market but you idea and business will soon be on fast track soon.

  • Work on your UVP: Don’t get confused by the marketing slangs, UVP simply means why you are in business and what special value you are offering that people should prefer you and not others.
  • Create more value in your business: Your business can create and deliver more values when you;
  • Aspire to deliver more value than you promise
  • Aspire to deliver more value and better experience at level of customer interaction

New startups founder should consider that we are moving from ego-centric era to more collective era of marketing so every marketing campaign should be based on providing value to larger audience not a few individuals.

Though, the market is competitive and initially it could discourage the startups to put in effort but room for improvement is always there. The most important thing in that case is execution, the devil of detail will make you stand out from your competitors. Work hard on the details of business execution, we suggest you to break down your execution plan and work on individual objectives so that you can deduct and predict results quantitatively

All the markets are crowded, they were crowded 5 year before as well but successful startups have not stopped coming onto the surface. If you’re able to innovate in efficiency there always a better way to do things.

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