In today’s fast-paced world, customers are in a hurry. If your website is hard to find or takes too much time to load, or if it is unattractive or difficult to navigate, you are going to lose your potential customers. So how do you create content that attracts people? Here are 5 tips that are sure to help your brand in improving the content marketing efforts.

1. Focus on quality, not quantity.

According to Robert Murray, president of Skyword, a content creation and marketing company:

“Adding more content to your website simply for content’s sake is a flawed approach. More pages/copy does not equal more traffic, engagement or sales”

While creating or adding pages to your website, make sure your content delivers value to your end customers and to your your brand.

2. Share your success stories

Christine Parizo of Christine Parizo Communications says:

Clothing retailer ModCloth is a great example [of how to sell something by telling a story]

A great way to give your potential customers a closer look into your business by sharing your success stories with them. Tell them about who you are and who you have helped.


3. Keep you blog updated and fresh

According to Hubspot, 43 percent of marketers reported acquiring a new customer from their blog in 2012, while 82 percent who blog daily acquired a customer from it, as opposed to 57 percent who blogged only monthly.

As change is the only constant, so everything changes such as time, industries and people. Make sure you frequently review your website, blog, and social media sites. Update any out-of-date information, and constantly make changes in your about-us page. Keep all your information fresh and relevant to your target market.

Following great infographic will give you deep insights on the importance of fresh content.


4. Keep your content short and to the point.

Gimena Pena, cofounder & CEO of Pier2 Marketing says about adding value in your content:

“Gone are the days where you wanted to make an article as long as possible for SEO reasons. SEO is important, but now it’s all about providing value and information in your content”.

This concludes that instead of writing a lengthy article that will instantly overwhelm your visitor, it is advisable to have a brief informational post that will catch a reader’s attention.

5. Include evergreen content.

Elena Meadowcroft, content writer & social media specialist at PDR Web Solutions, maintains that:

“Evergreen content i never loses its relevance– It’s something that people will always be searching for, which will keep bringing traffic to your website”

Try to produce or write evergreen content that would never be outdated. Examples of some evergreen content includes how-to articles, informational videos, useful tips, hacks or quotations on all the favourite topics of your target audience.