Content marketers often spend much time in ensuring their content is creative, convincing, and valuable to be shared. But with advanced and updated techniques of SEO, content marketing has become more tricky and important than ever before. Hence, in order to maximize your content marketing efforts for the future, here are 5 strategies that will help you to keep pace with the content evolution.

1. Be transparent and genuine to your target market

Maria Garrido, the international marketing director for Havas, says:

“A consumer is willing to spend more money on your brand if they consider you a meaningful brand.”

It is a fact that today’s savvy customers are looking for authenticity. They love purchasing and shopping from a popular but genuine brand, and they always want to know the people behind that brand. For this reason, your content should offer the in-depth information about you and your brand. Share your pictures, videos, testimonials and success stories with your customers on regular basis and make sure you answer all their queries.

2. Request your visitors their participation and feedback

A study by the same global advertising agency Havas shows that when brands invest the time and effort to connect with customers, it pays. This is because people love getting asked their opinions.Holding engaging contests on your website; requesting your viewers their feedback in surveys and making them feel their opinions are valued are the most recommended future strategy for content marketing. In addition, announcing some special offers and gifts on special days or events can increase the curiosity of your visitors, which can lead to more business for you. Similarly, featuring a customer of the week or a month through a photo will result in more engagement of your website visitors with you.

3. Plan your content “responsively”

Global Web Index report suggests that 80% of internet users own a smartphone.

(Source: www.globalwebindex.net)

This stat alone shows how vital it is to provide content in various formats that suit the user. They now use multiple devices for surfing the internet, and are switching from traditional big devices, such as PC, to new smart and portable devices. With so much technological developments and considering that PC usage will continue to decline, your content strategy must be planned by taking into consideration the mobile devices first and foremost. No matter how valuable content you create, it would be of no use of it is not responsive.

4. Have a Calendar for Generating Content Ideas

Content idea is a good thing but invaluable content ideas will produce unworthy content. Your focus should on be creating valuable content ideas that actually will be loved by your existing and potential customers and you should have a customer feedback system from which you get those ideas.By doing this practice, you will never have to go looking for the next topic for a post.

5. Focus on convincing CTA’s to generate more email addresses

Your CTA buttons are arguably the most important part of your website, which can improve your website conversion rates.A great CTA button having a strong and relevant call to action on your website will help you grab the attention of your website visitors. This will increase your user interaction while achieving business goals such as email subscriptions, sign-ups, and so much more. A study by HubSpot suggests that CTA promoting ebooks get almost twice the click-through rate as emails promoting webinars. Hence, you must give your website visitor plenty of opportunities to provide their email addresses. The perfect CTA button should be clear and reflect a sense of urgency, but make sure to keep it short and simple.

If you have any question or want to make some suggestions on the future strategies of content marketing, please feel free to write them in the below comment section.