In business, it is crystal clear that the result is everything that matters. The primary reason why most businesses invest so heavily in email marketing is due to its ROI.

McKinsey & Company in their research concluded that email leads have 40% more chance of converting leads into customers.

All those claims about how email marketing will die started to vanish and email marketing continues to evolve. There is no denying the fact that in this age your website is your base, the stronger it is the more traffic it will attract. But you will need to optimize your website to convert the traffic as well. Honestly, people share awesome content on their blog but sometimes they miss to convert a big chunk of their traffic due to no conversion strategy.

I am going to discuss 8 tools that can help your business increase conversion rate in a short duration.

I- SumoMe List Builder.

Well, you might love them or hate them but the truth is pop ups works and works real good.

SumoMe is simple and non-intrusive pop-up that will help you grow your email list. While it targets to grow your email list but it focuses on three things;

  • It helps collect email addresses
  • It helps in analytics
  • Provides social sharing option

What SumoMe free version offers?

  • List-builder, smart bar, scroll box, contact form and leads
  • Content analytics and heat maps
  • Social media sharing options


II- Hello bar

You must wonder that why hello bar comes as a highly recommended tool by the experts although it looks pretty ordinary. Well, I will discuss some tips that will tell you how remarkable this tools is and how can you grow your email list to 1000 subscribers in just a month, it’s pretty simple and ROI is awesome.

People are focused on what they want from your online casino nederland website. On most occasions, they are there to review your services, portfolio or sometimes read a blog post. That’s where hello bar helps your content and offer get some exclusive space on top of your web page. It’s a well-designed full-width bar that spans on top of your header and helps you broadcast the most important piece of information in a pleasant form.


It has also been found that hello bar works best when you offer your visitor with something tangible like eBooks, checklist or some research report very pertinent to his interest, something to valuable for him to miss.

III- Qualaroo

A simple SaaS tool that helps you ask live questions to your website visitors. While Qualaroo is a great tool to survey people who visit your website but if you could make little changes then it can also help you build your email list using this tool.

The University of Alberta had a blog in which daily news about the university events were posted. Their subscription growth was pretty normal, around 400 subscribers by November, 2012. The number of subscriber were still not impressive keeping in view the total strength of the campus students, academia and administration. The usual subscription tactics were being used with a CTA on every important point of the web page.


Instead of using this tool for poll, they customized it and encouraged people to sign up to UOA blog.


Now, people have literally started subscribing through the Qualaroo forms. Not only this worked -but it worked great. This form increases their blog subscription rate from 1-2/day to a respectable 10-15/day.

IV- Intercom

SaaS startups can really utilize this tool to understand and collaborate with website visitors to increase conversions. Intercom let you know about what user do inside your web app, not only it can help you optimize your application but the feedback could also be very useful for website optimization and website communication at the same time.