Ranking well on google starts with trust and in order to ace google results you need to create content around three factors that google uses to evaluate your content.

1. Social media

With every year social media marketing is gaining more popularity among content marketers. Not only because there are 1.96 billion active users of social media in 2015 but the conversion percentage is higher than ever. These number creates a huge opportunity for online marketers to take their brand on social media and leverage the platforms.

A good social media page with engaging content and regular contribution can boost your conversion, website traffic, and SEO

Monthly active users of Facebook alone are 1366 million, needless to say, those facebook advertising platforms is one of the best tools for small and medium size businesses and industry stats clearly proves that.











2. Backlinks

Refer to the following advices to create better backlinks:

  • Make sure that your blog posts contains stats and relevant industry data
  • Create long form as part of your content strategy (eBooks, whitepaper). A study by Moz suggested that long form content attracts more and better quality backlinks.
  • Infographics produce more backlinks and tends to be shared more
  • Blog post which contains video attracts three times more backlinks according to study conducted by Business2community
  • Psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott in a study revealed that the content which carries an element of humor are shared more and it evoke positive feeling in readers.

3. Content is King

Your SEO strategy will crumble if it is filled with useless content. Neither the users and the search engine will like it. The modern content marketing is all about creating valuable content for your brand that could be shared across different blogs and social media accounts. It is advised to start content marketing by identifying persona of your target customers and creating a content calendar to systematically create content that addresses your customer pain points.



















4. Strategy is Essential for Success

Don’t blindly invest your resources in anything unless you have a strategy, to get the most out of your SEO you need to invest some time on your planning. A strong SEO strategy starts with Authority and Relevance, if you don’t have a solid plan then the chances are that you might fail.

27,000,000 piece of content are shared each day

By strategy, we mean that planning your goals based on the numbers instead of assuming, tools like SEMrush, Alexa and Google Adword will help you chart out your strategy based on solid numbers.