We all know that creating valuable content at regular intervals is the key to success for any content marketing program. Despite producing decent content regularly many businesses fails to attract traffic to their website leaving the content marketing team frustrated. In this post, I will share three tactics that will help you increase engagement of your content on social media.

I. Make your audience laugh: Build your brand around good humor

Content marketing is all about attracting new followers and producing content that is unforgettable. Not only humorous and fun-filled content has more shelf life but there are chances that your content piece will be shared more by the readers on social media.

Content writers are producing content at an amazing rate, some writers produce over 4 articles a day but sadly, the success is determined not by the number of pieces produced in a day.

The success of your content is determined by the memorability and social share-ability. If you want to be successful in your content marketing then find a place for humorous and fun-filled content in your content calendar.


Should you do humor at all? Well, although majority loves good humor but don’t use humor if you think that someone might find it offensive. There are some industries like financial and healthcare in which humor will not fly at all. Always spend a good amount of time on learning the interest and demographics of your customers. In fact, the demographics are the best starting point to determining whether memes or humorous content will work and up to which extent.

The decision to use humor should be a brand decision, the yes or not for this decision should come out from how do you want to place yourself in front of your customer both online and offline.

A lot of people ask me whether emotion has a place in content marketing and I feel that readers connect much more to articles that have the substance of humor or entertainment in some way.

II. Curate Relevant Content

Content creation is all about discovering and aggregating valuable content and then presenting it to your reader in a better and targeted fashion that makes the content more valuable for them. Contrary to online casino how it sounds, good content curators know that it’s not an easy job.

According to Heidi Cohen of Content Marketing Institute, content curation adds to the sparks of already written content through personal perspective and commentary.

Why you should curate content more often?

  • Recent research by content marketing institute has shown that content marketers are challenged to regularly create fresh content due to different factors, the top reasons include;
    • Lack of time
    • Do not have sufficient expertise for content creation
    • Do not have the expertise to produce the right kind of content
    • Budgetary constraints
  • Consumers are 57% through the way to shortlist before marketers even realize that they are in the market.


III. Include visual content & get more engagement.

By now you know that visual content is an integral part of any successful content marketing program. Incorporating meaningful images not only helps in social shares but also helps your followers to easily understand your message.

But sharing visual content without a plan won’t help you get any better. If you want your images to be taken seriously and produce engagement, share or like then you will have to invest some thoughts in producing meaningful graphics.

Visual content undoubtedly get you more social shares and engagement. Its high time that marketers realize that only written content will not be enough to keep your customers engaged, we need to find ways to amaze readers through exciting visual content.

Due to time that is consumed reading a 300-500 word article it’s better that you start telling stories through stunning photography or an info-graphic. Content marketing is all about informing, delighting and engaging your customers these days, merely writing content for informing just won’t cut anymore in the online arena.

The Meadows Club, regularly host conferences, seminar and various family event in their facility. They regularly post updates and articles of upcoming events on their blog with photographs which gives the real feel of the events going on in The Meadows Club. This visual marketing strategy also helps The Meadows Club in drawing a sharing response from their event attendees, who share official pictures of their event on different social media accounts. This has helped the meadows club in increasing the number of people following them on their social media accounts.

Untitled(A birthday event at Meadows Club)

Untitled(Concert at Meadows Club)

There’s a lot that startups and small businesses could do by incorporating visual marketing in their content strategy and if done right it could be one of the most powerful tactics to excite your customers.